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In-house Work

These Roots Will Hold

Looking Up 5: These Roots Will Hold

Part 5 in the “Looking Up Series”

Peeking Through The Canopy

Looking Up 4: Peeking Through the Canopy

Part 4 in the “Looking Up Series”

Looking-Up: Condensation

Looking Up 3: Condensation Push

Part 3 in the “Looking Up Series”

Walking Waskosim’s

Some tomfoolery on a lovely Autumn afternoon.

Looking Up: Scratching The Sky

Looking Up 2: Scratching The Sky

Part 2 in the “Looking Up Series”

Looking Up 1: West Wind

Part 1 in the “Looking Up Series”

Sleep Walking

Suspended in the night air, adrift in a murky haze of moonlight and squid ink.

Loose Deck

Little fish swim about while trying to avoid card sharks.

In Haiti’s Hands

A dreamlike portrait of the poor in Haiti