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Chesire Crime Scene
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Chesire Crime Scene

Chesire Crime Scene

This was made for a HBO feature documentary for executive producer Sheila Nevins called “The Cheshire Murders“—a harrowing tale of triple homicide.

Directors Kate Davis and David Heilbroner asked me if I could take a single photograph of a house were the crime occurred and bring it to life in a 12 second sequence. Challenges included creating a slight 3D effect where the camera moves in towards the home, turning the scene from day to night, removing objects from the original photo, removing evidence of a house fire, introducing some mist in the air, and having a soft headlight sweep across the house mid-scene.

It didn’t make it in the finished doc but I’m still proud of the work. Sound effects have been added for good measure.

The feature film premiered on HBO in 2013.


Animation Design, Sound Design & Compositing by
Jeremy Mayhew