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Striker’s Passing – Praise

Striker’s Passing





“Sensational shots… The soundtrack was exceptional. We were impressed with the sense of history provided, not just the immediate experience, but what it meant.”
— Erik & Betty Barnouw
Known as “dean of American media critics,” Erik Barnouw
is the author of, most notably, the three-volume History of
Broadcasting in The United States and the International
Encyclopedia of Communication



“Unforgettable footage…”
— Mark Bessire
Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art



“Jeremy Mayhew has created a wonderful film about his family’s Martha’s Vineyard-based swordfishing operation. Like family farmers, harpoon swordfishermen are finding it hard to survive and compete against larger-scale, more industrial outfits. Striker’s Passing conveys the commitment, tradition and beauty of this way of life, and the deep connection between man and fish. Striker’s Passing is a beautifully filmed and moving portrait.”
— Steven Ascher
Co-author of The Filmmaker’s Handbook
as well as co-producer / writer / director /
cinematographer for the award winning
documentary film Troublesome Creek:
A Midwestern



“Lovely images… Wonderful cinematography. Very Impressive.”
— Michael Chapman
Cinematographer for Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Lost Boys
and The Fugitive, among many others



“…Really, a very good film.”
— Jonathan Bernstein
Producer of Found Money, One More Saturday Night
and Race Against Time: The Search for Sarah, among
many others



“An outstanding documentary…I thoroughly enjoyed it. Jeremy Mayhew has done a great piece of work, not just in general as a filmmaker, but particularly as a chronicler of the Vineyard’s heritage. You deserve the gratitude of anyone interested in remembering an important part of our island’s history. So congratulations and thank you.”
— Bruce Andrews
Former-Director of the Martha’s Vineyard
Historical Society



“A fine film… A splendid job… Everyone in the audience agreed it was a wonderful experience.”
–Walter Scheuer
Producer of From Mao to Mozart, High Fidelity, Small Wonder,
Dance Maker, Music of the Heart, The Turandot Project



“A fantastic job! Very impressive.”
— Mo Flam
Head Gaffer for Fried Green Tomatoes, The Firm, Dead Presidents,
The English Patient, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Meet The Parents and
Death By Smoochy, among many others



“The film features breathtaking maritime vistas that most of us are never privileged to see: crimson sunset skies from horizon to horizon, sun-sparkled waters, majestic whales, fog-enshrouded vistas, glassy rolling seas. The human elements that emerge are no less moving, from the older generations of fishermen recalling seas ripe with bounty, to the stoic dignity of Captain Greg Mayhew who remains steadfast behind the wheel of his fishing boat in the face of changing economic and political tides.”
— Julian Wise
Martha’s Vineyard Times



“A beautiful film.”
— Ann Marie Cunningham
Senior Associate Producer,
New York Times Television



“Poetic, thoughtful… I’m still thinking about Striker’s Passing, which I thoroughly enjoyed.”
— Heidi Bliss
Harvard Film Archive



“The Movie is startlingly real, artistic and a tribute to the Menemsha waterfront community… One of the most poignant exchanges in the film is a conversation between Gregory Mayhew and another swordfish captain on the marine radio. You never know who the captain is. They talk of hardship. There is sadness. There is humor and there is insight into the world of the fishermen of yesterday trying to survive today.”
— Mark Alan Lovewell
Martha’s Vineyard Gazette



“This is a wonderful movie.”
— Barbara Dacey
Host of 92.7FM, WMVY Radio



“Striker’s Passing is part family portrait, part swan song depicting the dying of a heritage. When the camera lingers on icicle-shaped rust patterns dipping down from cabin windows and water spurting from rope running through a pulley, you get the sense the man behind the lens spent plenty of time at sea… Mayhew’s film gives a more bona fide, visceral take (than The Perfect Storm) on life at sea: the quietness, introspection, ennui intermixed with spoken musings, both sad and silly.”
— Felix Carroll
Cape Cod Times



“I really hope this has an effect beyond The Cape… What does it mean to a community when the indigenous industries start disappearing. I think people should find that troubling.”
— Judy Laster
Founder and Director of The Wood’s Hole Film Festival



You can see the original trailer here.

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