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Walking Waskosim’s

Some tomfoolery on a lovely Autumn afternoon.

Gold Rush, Redken 2010

Project Coordinator: Logan Vandall

Cinema Circus

2010 opening logo bumper for The Cinema Circus Festival on Martha’s Vineyard.

Nature’s Rescue (Version 1), Redken 2010

Project Coordinator: Jessica Dudzinski

Holiday Greeting – MV Film Society 2009

Project Coordinator: Richard Paradise

Electric Avenue, Redken 2009

Project Coordinator: Jenny Corless

Redken for Men, 2007

Project Coordinator: Bahij Tamer

Meghan La Roque, Pick Me Up

Animated music video

Striker’s Passing – Trailer from 1999

A poetic and powerful portrait of the New England harpoon swordfisherman and his fate in the modern world.