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Films + Motion
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Films & Motion

MV Film Society – 2012 Bumper

A festive holiday thank you to those who finally made art house cinema possible on Martha’s Vineyard.

Beetlebung Farm

Documentary Film

Chesire Crime Scene

Motion Design for HBO

Napa Pipe PSA

Client: Napa Redevelopment Partners: Rogal+Walsh+Mol

MVFF Ident Bumper 2012

Opening the festival since 2004

Man Man, Banana Ghost – Redux

Broken hearts, handlebar moustaches, vagabond lice…


Two enormous and powerful Percheron horses

Untamed Elegance (Global), Redken 2011

Project Coordinators: Alexis Feldman & Mounia Tahiri

Style Connection Teaser, Redken 2011

Project Coordinator: Jessica Dudzinski