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Purloiner El Magnifico
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Purloiner El Magnifico


Purloiner El Magnifico

An oddball 16mm chase film.


Purloiner El Magnifico was shot as live-action but takes on the pace and persona of the classic, nonsensical animation of the 1950’s and 60’s. Through a tour de force of outlandish slapstick embellishments, it leads us in a chase from one man’s stolen lunch through a world of color and black and white, subways and rooftops, comic aggression and inquisitive surprise.


New York International Independent Film & Video Festival (L.A. & N.Y. 2001)

The Martha’s Vineyard Independent Film Festival (March 2000)




Film by
Jeremy Mayhew

Steven Dufala

Poor Guy Who Want His Sandwich Back
Andrew Jordon Michaels

4 Sexy “Pussycats”
Melisa Forgione
Christina Reich
Danielle Accera
Michele Mayhew

Old Guy in Wheelchair
Jeremy Mayhew

Tall Angry Guy
Darin Santa Maria

Thelonious Monk – “Well, You Needn’t”
Ella Fitzgerald – “Hurry Home”


Original – 1996

This version – 2001